Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year NEW SMART Golf Goals

Instructional Update - New Year NEW SMART Golf Goals

Everyone has New Year Resolutions, what about changing your lifestyle or your your habits - creating a NEW YOU?  That takes time / effort and a realistic SMART Goal. What is a SMART Goal?

S - Specific — What do you want to accomplish? 
M - Measurable —How will you know you reached the goal?
A - Achievable — Is this realistic to your time, effort and commitment?
R - Relevant — Is this significant to your life?
T - Time Frame — When do you plan to achieve the goal?

What is a SMART Goal for Golf - "I want to drop my handicap below 15 by December 31, 2017. I will reach this goal by following a game plan to practice short game 3 days a week, have a weekly lesson, play 36 holes per week, and workout 3 days a week.” — Now if i work and my handicap is 25, this is probably not the smartest goal I could have made.

Lastly, do you have a partner to push you toward your goal? Most people will let themselves down and not practicing; but if you have a partner to help you meet your goals, then you are more than likely to commit to the goal at hand. Find a friend or a buddy to make SMART Goals together, you will find yourself much more successful and happier to share your troubles and your achievements. 

Rob Stock and Justin Nadeau (Director of Fitness) are having a TPI Golf Fitness Class on Monday’s and Thursday’s at 6pm starting on January 9th and extending through March 2nd. This class would be a great way to start your SMART Goals for the New Year’s NEW YOU!!! The TPI Golf Fitness class will focus on flexibility, stability, and mobility in your golf swing. Please contact Rob at or Justin at for more details. 

Watch out 2017 - HERE WE COME!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wedge Trajectory

Wedge Trajectory

With so many green-side bunkers on our courses, we need the ability to hit the ball higher, land soft, and limit the roll out. Here are some simple approaches to help you accomplish this.

1 - A LOB WEDGE — The easiest way to get the ball higher in the air and land soft is to add loft to your club. Lob wedges are essential if you have a tough time getting the ball in the air.

2 - Ball Position — Changing the ball position can increase or decrease your loft on the club. Remember, moving the ball back of center can de-loft the club, and moving the ball forward of center can add loft. Key to hitting it solid while moving your ball position is to stay centered and limit your lateral movement. 

3 -  Spine Tilt — If you lean toward the hole, your spine angle and the shaft on your club leans with you, which de-lofts the club. If you stay more centered or even keep your spine tilted slightly away from the hole, you have a better chance of adding loft to your shot. With this technique, please remember to make sure you make contact with the ground. 

4 - Lay the club open at address — This means you will rotate the club open (to the right for righties and to the left for lefties) BEFORE you grip the club. This will add loft to the face of the club before you swing the club. This could make a sand wedge into a lob wedge or a lob wedge to a more lofted lob wedge. 

MOST IMPORTANT — make sure you have good ground control.  So, if you can’t hit the ball in the same spot 4 times out of 5, stick with just adding a lob wedge in your bag. 

For more tips like these come to the noon clinic on Saturday. We will be meeting in the Short Game Area and covering wedge trajectory at 12:00pm. All Adult members are welcome free of charge! You can always book some one-on-one time by getting on to

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Expectations...A Good or Bad Thing?

Expectations are everywhere... Spouses on each other, bosses on employees, Parents on kids, and everyone has expectations for themselves.  One thing those self-induced expectations can lead to, is being frustrated with yourself.  Whether it is in your personal life, work, or your round of golf, self-induced expectations can leave someone with a low self worth.  --- How many of you have said to yourself on the number 1 tee  "I want to break 90 today", then by the 15th you have already reached that 90?  ---- We all have done it at some point.  If you change your thinking to "let's see how many fairways and greens I can hit today."  You have then set a goal and process to break 90.  

So let's change our outcome-oriented expectations and focus on process-oriented expectations. Lets first review what both of these types of expectations are:

Outcome-Oriented Expectations:

  1. "I want to win my handicap division in the next event"
  2. "I want to have 30 or fewer putts today"
  3. "I don't want to hit it out of bounds"
  4. "I want to make 5 birdies today"
  5. "I want to Break 80 for the first time today"
There's a theme there... WANT....

Process-Oriented Expectations:

  1. I am going to commit to each shot and execute my game plan.
  2. I am going to trust my read on the greens and make sure I give every putt a chance to going in.  Missing on the high side and long today.
  3. I will pick targets for each shot that will allow me to have fewer penalty shots.
  4. I am going to play to the big part of every green, so I have more opportunities to make birdies.
  5. I am going to trust my game today and commit to each shot.  Play the correct shot each time that will allow me to make more pars and birdies. I am going to play smart out of trouble, so bogey is the worst score I card.
There's another common theme here.... GOING TO....

Where do expectations come from?

For many, expectations come from how you want to be perceived by others (self image).  For many kids and some adults, they may come from what you perceive your coaches and parents think about you or your golf game.  I caution parents and coaches about what they say to their kids and students.  Words can never be taken back and once they are out there, most people have already attached meaning to the words spoken.  

At the bottom of the blog, there is a list of books that I encourage you as a student, parent or coach to read.

How do we change our expectations?

We need to redefine what success in golf actually entails. Is success a score or a process? We can control our process, but we really cannot control the outcome (remember Tiger's wedge shot on #15 at the Masters that hit the pin and bounced into the water?). 

One day, one round, and one shot at a time.  Some days will be harder than others, but keep focused on the process to achieve your goals. Break it down to something simple that you want to change. 

Books to Read:

Golf Parent for the Future - Co-authored by Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson (Vision 54 Co-Founders)
Mind Gym : An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence - by Gary Mack with David Casstevens
Golf is Not a Game of Perfect - by Dr. Bob Rotella
The Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf by Dr. Robert Winters

Book lesson or group clinics on our website -  If this is your first time to book a lesson you will need to create a user and password.  Click on "Register Now" and you can get that started right away. isn't the same user and password as your, but you can create it that way if you wish.  Please contact for any website information or problems.

August Instruction Update

August Instruction Update

Adult instruction
(Junior Instruction at the bottom of email)

Get Golf Ready Sessions

Get Golf Ready is a program created by the PGA of America to get someone comfortable enough to play on the golf course in 5 one-hour sessions. Each session will cover a different topic, including putting, chipping/pitching and full swing.  Our typical class size is between 2-8 and offers a great opportunity for plenty of hands-on instruction and learning. We have new classes start each week. Cost is 5 Sessions for $120 and all 5 sessions must be completed in a 6-week time frame.

Level 1

*Saturday 9:00am - 10:00am*
*Sunday 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Click The Link below to Register

Level 2

*Saturday 10:30am - 11:30am  
Click Link Below to Register

BLING - Beginner Ladies Instruction and NON-Competitive Golf

BLING is a great way to improve your golf game in a non-threatening atmosphere. Ladies of all skill levels are welcome, as every class has a different group of ladies participate. Topics for each class vary and we welcome in put from our ladies (with the exception of the Social Night Class, which follows a set schedule).    

Social Class

*Tuesday 6:00-7:00pm 
*Class April - October
*$20 per session - includes glass of wine
*Week 1 - Full Swing
*Week 2 - Short Game
*Week 3 – Putting
*Week 4 - On Course

Click Link Below to Register

Instructional Class

*Tuesday and Saturday 9:00-10:30am
*Classes are Year Round
*$30 per Session
*Subject changes from session to session

Click Link Below to Register

Complimentary Clinics
Our complimentary clinics are a great way to brush up your skills in a relaxed environment. These hour-long clinics rotate each week between putting, short game and full swing. It is also a great opportunity to meet different members and make some new friends!

Noon Clinic

    Complimentary to All Adult Members
    Rotating Subject – Full Swing, Short Game, 
    Scheduled outside companies for demos

Grip it and Sip It w/ Rip and Rob

    Tuesday Nights
    Complimentary to All Members
    Full Swing (Meet on the Back of Range or Hitting Bay)
    Ends August 26th

Sunday Family Fun Day

Nothing beats learning golf as a family! Come out every Sunday and enjoy an hour of fun with your family and other Brookhaven families. You and your children might make some new friends as well as improve your golf skills. 



    Family Complimentary Lesson

    Instruction varies – On Course, Full Swing, Short Game, and Putting

Instruction Specials (Ends August 31st)
Take Advantage of Rip Ohley & Rob Stock’s Introduction Discounts

1) 2 students for the price of of 1 - Bring a friend, co-worker, or family member and share the improvement experience with them for no additional cost.
2) 5 Junior Lessons for $300 - Must purchase package in full and take all five lessons by October 1
3) One Hour Lesson + 9 Hole Playing Lesson for $200 - This normally would cost $275. Learn how to swing better and then how to apply that new swing on the course.

**Please contact Rip Ohley at - 918-913-5546 or Rob Stock at - 256-786-2627 for more information.**

Junior Instruction

Junior Golf Summer Camp

Summer Camp Full Day

- Three weeks of camp left for the summer – Last Camp is August 19-22nd
- Ages 6-16
- Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9-4pm and Friday from 9-12pm
- Golf Stations in the AM, on-course activities and swimming in the PM 
Click on Link Below to Register

Summer Camp Half Day

- Three weeks of camp left for the summer – Last Camp is August 19-22nd
- Ages 6-16
- Tuesday - Friday 9-12pm
- Golf stations Tuesday-Thursday and On-Course activities on Friday
Click on Link Below to Register

SNAG – Starting New At Golf


*Last week of camp for the Summer – SNAG Classes begin first week September
*Ages 4 and 5
*August 5-8th
*Tuesday through Friday
*$125 per student
Click on Link Below to Register

SNAG Monthly Classes

Tuesday and Thursday
- 10:30 – 11:30am.

- Ages 3-5

- Tuesday only - $50 / Month
- Thursday only - $50 / Month
- Tuesday and Thursday - $75 / Month
- Annual Academy Fee - $50
- Class is limited to 21 students per day

- Please know there is limited space available (first come first serve)

Fall Classes are September – November
- First Class is September 2nd
- Last Class is November 20th
Spring Classes are February – May
- First Class is February 3th

- Last Class is May 21nd 

Please contact Kelli McKandless at or 254-733-1663 for more information.

SNAG Saturday Class

- Saturday 10:30-11:30am
- February through October
- $15 per session
Click on Link Below to Register:

Junior Golf Academy Classes

Formal golf instruction may often become tedious and repetitive in nature.  The Brookhaven Junior Golf Academy allows for a more enjoyable learning experience by introducing creative methods while maintaining a structured, yet relaxed environment.  The academy’s goal is to make learning fun and memorable.  Our practices will lead to retention of knowledge, the ability to learn from mistakes, and practice the correct techniques.  This ultimately will improve the student’s golf game.

JGA Summer Hours

SNEAD Group - Ages 6-12
-Wednesday and Friday 1-3pm
HOGAN Group - Ages 10-14
-Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 1-3pm
NELSON Group - Ages 12-16
- Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 1-3pm
NEW TEEN GOLFER Group - Ages 13-17
- Wednesday and Saturday 1-3pm

JGA Fall and Spring Hours - September 1st starts after school hours

SNEAD Group - Ages 6-12
-Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 4:30-6:00pm
HOGAN Group - Ages 10-14
-Wednesday 4:30-6:00pm and Saturday 1:00-2:30pm
NELSON Group - Ages 12-16
- Wednesday 4:30-6:00pm and Saturday 1:00-2:30pm
NEW TEEN GOLFER Group - Ages 13-17
- Wednesday 4:30-6:00pm and Saturday 1:00-2:30pm

Please contact Kelli McKandless at or 254-733-1663 for more information.

JGA InterClub 

Practices are Thursday and Sunday from 2:00-3:30pm. Our Last Summer Tournaments will be:

August 10th @ Stonebriar 

Please contact Rip Ohley at - 918-913-5546 or Rob Stock at - 256-786-2627 for more information.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome our new staff to Brookhaven Golf Academy!!

Welcome our new staff to Brookhaven Golf Academy!!

This is our first post on the Brookhaven Golf Academy BLOG - Welcome Brookhaven Golfers!

As many of you have read in either the mangers message or through Matt Mitchell's weekly emails, we have added three new instructors to our Brookhaven Team.  Joey and I are proud to welcome Rob Stock, PGA and Rip Ohley, PGA to our growing program.  They have all had a couple weeks to settle into the fast paced Brookhaven lifestyle.  Please welcome them to the club as you see them giving lessons and directing junior traffic.   Below is a quick bio of each instructor:

Rob Stock, PGA
Teaching Professional
·       PGA Member Since 2000
·       US Kids Certified Instructor
·       Titleist Performance Institute, Level 1 Golf Professional
·       Certified in The Plane Truth and New Rules Coach
·       Former Dave Pelz Short Game School Instructor
·       Wrote book “Pivots and Divots”
·       Published Nationally in Golf Tips and Golfweek Magazine

Rip Ohley, PGA
Teaching Professional
·       PGA Member Since 2009
·       Came to Brookhaven from Muskogee Golf and Country Club
·       Given over 3,000 lesson in his career
·       Had 13 Junior Golfers receive a College Scholarship

Book lesson or group clinics on our website -  If this is your first time to book a lesson you will need to create a user and password.  Click on "Register Now" and you can get that started right away. isn't the same user and password as your, but you can create it that way if you wish.  Please contact for any website information or problems.

Thanks for all who will follow us and get ready for some instruction tips alone the way...


Kelli McKandless
Director of Instruction
Brookhaven Country Club